L.I.F.E. depends on donations, usually from former volunteers and their families and friends, in order to continue its work in providing happy and hopeful childhoods for socially marginalized youth. To donate money to L.I.F.E. please use one of the following systems:

- Send a check or money order to:
L.I.F.E. Argentina
Pena 2121 - RecoletaC1126ABB
Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Western Union
Please request full details required for making a deposit via Western Union since it cannot be made to the name of L.I.F.E. as an organization and must be to an individual person's name due to Western Union policies. We will provide the necessary information from one of us at L.I.F.E. to collect the donation.

- Bank transfer
Please request full L.I.F.E. bank account details required for making a banktransfer. This information is not available on our website for security reasons. Also, we must present the documentation requested by the bank for receiving donations and for this we must know the sum, date, etc. of the bank transfer.

- Pay Pal
L.I.F.E. has a Pay Pal account through which you can make a donation online from anywhere in the world with credit and/or debit card. Please click here to make a donation to L.I.F.E. via Pay Pal.

Payments by

- Merchandise
L.I.F.E. has an account at CafePress which is a company that creates and sellmerchandise online. When you buy a L.I.F.E. Argentina item you are contributing to L.I.F.E. with a small donation. Invite your friends, family, school, company, colleagues and/or community to purchase a L.I.F.E. item online and help our cause. Please click here to view merchandise through which you can donate. We also gratefully accept donations of supplies, including: food, clothes, shoes, games, toys, diapers, sheets, blankets, mattresses, kitchenware. school supplies,toothbrushes and toothpaste, hygiene and cleaning products, etc.

We also gratefully accept donations of supplies, including: food, clothes, shoes, games, toys, diapers, sheets, blankets, mattresses, kitchenware, school supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hygiene and cleaning products, etc. You can also sponsor a program by contributing a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis.

With U$S 25.- per month you can to support a child with a daily meal, school supplies and clothing. Your donation enables them to have better opportunities and contributes to raising their living conditions and standard. This sum is for general reference, however some children have specific needs, large families or different situations in which other sums are welcome and needed. Everything counts and your help can change a life.

Please read Alessandra Laraud's words about why she chose to sponsor a child and Change A Life: After spending six months with the children in El Jagüel, it is hard to leave without wanting to keep helping out in some way. When you can't go and see them every week for English Classes or Birthday Parties, or when you are too far to personally interact with them, supporting a child by becoming his or her "godmother" is the best way to somehow remain close to the children and do something concretely useful for them. In my case, Viviana is not only the sweetest and most friendly little girl I have met during my internship at LIFE, she is above all a very smart twelve-year old girl that deserves all the chances to pursue her education as far as possible and to succeed in life. We all know that a little help from so far away will not drastically change her future, but I am sure that it can help Vivi at least for now in some aspects of her daily life. I trust LIFE and Liliana's work. I know that everything I send will be devoted to her and to what she needs the most at that particular time. I would really encourage anyone that wants to start or continue to "luchar para una infancia feliz y con esperanza" to sponsor one of the amazing children participating to LIFE'S programs.

Sponsor A Child
You can sponsor a child that participates in LIFE'S programs from where ever you may be in the world. By committing to be a "godparent/' you are not only supporting the child financially or with their daily necessities, you are also significantly impacting that young one's self-esteem. It is essential that the children believe that there is someone who thinks about them, cares about them, and is concerned with their well-being. In many cases, unfortunately, parents do not take on this role because they suffer from the many effects of extreme poverty. Some children do not even have parents in their lives. Knowing that they are "adopted" like "godchildren" makes them feel very special. Here at L.I.F.E. we sincerely encourage all of our volunteers to establish close relationships with the children we work with. This relationship can be sustained even when you are no longer in Buenos Aires through the Change A Life program. We know that this won't change the world, but we see how it can truly change the lives of precious young children who are living in poverty but deserve all the support and care possible.

The costs for LIFE Programs, Annual Events, and Projects are listed in Argentine Pesos. If you would like more detailed information on our organization's budget, please contact us.


Happy Birthday
$4840 per month, covers the cost of 6 Birthday Parties benefiting 500 children.

$910 per month, covers the cost of materials and snacks for all weekly
after-school programs that benefit 350 children.

Student Rewards
$55142 per year, benefits 700 children.

Play Time
Variable per month, benefits 500 children.

$3500 per month, benefits the Peruti community of 85 families.

Excursions, AIDS Awareness, Smiles, Growing
Variable depending on the activity.


Children's Marathon
$35000 benefits 2800 children

Children's Day Celebration
$42000 benefits 2000 children

Christmas For All
$45000 benefits 2000 children


Water for Peruti
$22500 (Project Completed)

Tren de Chocolate
$36200 (Project Completed)

$22000 (Currently raising funds)

Community Garden
$12000 (Currently raising funds)