Who we are

We are a nonprofit, civil society organization that works with youth living in socially marginalized and extremely impoverished areas of Argentina. We carry out a number of programs and activities with the goal of providing for the healthy development, happiness, and a hopeful future for the children we serve.


The official statistics are that 60 percent of the children in Argentina live under the poverty line. We work regularly with youth living in poverty, providing recreational, educational and social activities as well as food, clothing and supplies.


Our N.G.O. has the legal status of a civil association of national remit.


Where  we work

We work collaboratively with community centers and soup kitchens in the city of Buenos Aires and its suburbs. We also work in the Guaraní indigenous village of Perutí in the province of Misiones.


City of Buenos Aires:

Los Angelitos Soup Kitchen, Ciudad Oculta

Ejército Celestial Community Center, Ciudad Oculta

La Unión Hace la Fuerza Soup Kitchen, Ciudad Oculta

Horas Felices Soup Kitchen, Ciudad Oculta

Merendero Las Ampollitas, Ciudad Oculta

Bichito de Luz Soup Kitchen, Villa INTA

Nueva Alegría Soup Kitchen, Ciudad Oculta

El Elefante Blanco Soup Kitchen, Ciudad Oculta

López Cultural Center, Villa 3


Greater Buenos Aires:

Mother of Sofía Community Center, El Jagüel

Tren de Chocolate Community Center, Laferrere

Children's Hospital, La Matanza


Province of Misiones:

Perutí Village, El Alcázar



We would like to THANK the institutions, organizations and individuals listed below for their continued support to our organization.



Hank & Dana Jones, Larry & Mary Masterson, Pauline Kleef & SNS Bank, Donald Brewer - Unificare, Isla Haigh, Chris Ford, Rebecca Szucs.


Institutions & Organizations:

GIC Argentina, Road 2 Argentina, Middlebury College, Ecole Polytechnique, COPA - Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University, ECELA - Escuela y Centro de Español en Latinoamérica, IBERO Spanish School, EBS - European Business School London, Original Volunteers, Volunteer Latin America.


A very special thank you to Rebecca Szucs and Mc Laren Design for creating our last version of L.I.F.E. website.


L.I.F.E. Argentina has the unique distinction of having no paid staff, which means that all of our programs, projects and activities are carried out completely by volunteers.


We presently finance ourselves through small donations from current and former volunteers and various collaborators, fundraising campaigns, and special donations from members of the Executive Comittee. We also receive generous material and food donations from private companies.